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Ms. Ruby Sound, a practicing dietitian in the never sleeping city, Mumbai.

We all strive to be in good shape and live healthy. However, with busy lives, food everywhere we go, and time issues, it can be challenging to remain healthy and fit. Many a times with hectic lifestyle and long stressful hours at work our best intentions can often be forgotten. A large number of people compromise on their nutritional status in order to get good looking bodies

In health, small changes can make big differences. Making dietary modifications can make one feel better both externally and internally. To ensure this the metabolic rate of an individual has to be sustained by providing both macronutrients and micronutrients.The micronutrient intake at the cellular level is most important to improve overall health  and prevent deficiencies.

At Eatwise, Nutritional requirements are met and current lifestyle is accommodated along with activity schedule. The key objective is to enhance the overall performance, improve health and increase fitness levels.

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