How many kilos can I expect to lose per month?
  • As every individual body's response is different, it is very difficult to predict the exact number of kgs per month but on an average 2-4 kgs per month is possible with reasonable compliance to the diet and exercise plans.
Do we get to see the nutritionist personally?
  • As its an e-clinic you would be in touch with your nutritionist virtually via email, phone whatsapp and SMS.
How do I get started?
  • You can message or call on the mobile number given on the website and let us know your requirements and then you will be guided through a brief process of enrollment to the program and can get started.
Can we make the payment in instalments?
  • The payment process is very simple which is through a bank transfer and it needs to be made upfront. We do not encourage a policy of instalments.
Do we get a grace period in case of travel or holiday?
  • Your package can be extended with prior intimation by a week.
Do we get refund if not able to follow ?
  • No, there is no refund policy.